God’s Country….

The sweetest compliment someone can make is to look out at their neighborhood, their town, etc. and proclaim it, “God’s country.”  We’ve all heard it; we’ve all said it.  This summer, we’re looking out at our little slice of Heaven… through a window.  Thanks to Climate Change, we’re enduring the hottest temperatures ever recorded and appropriately, most of Hartwell seems to be sitting this summer out; relying on our faltering air conditioners to be the WALL between ourselves and heatstroke and death.   As we see the headlines about kids in cages at the Border, is it possible that we are also in cages of our own making?  Yes, we emerge from our houses from time to time, but just as drivers in Atlanta have to schedule their errands around Rush Hour, Hartwell has to schedule work and play for comfortable temperatures.  Children used to be able to play outside all day… no longer possible.  Students are at risk of heatstroke while playing football.. Workers have had to change their schedules in order to avoid the heat.  And yet, even though our lives are at risk every day, instead of pulling together to solve this crisis, we’re still arguing whether or not the cause is manmade or temporary or the result of not enough prayer.   We are talking, screaming, creating a WALL of noise and no one has the willingness to pause,  to listen,  to emerge from their cage, go out in the world and solve some problems. Why is this being tolerated? Why are we not willing to look after God’s creation?  Luckily there are rallies-gatherings that are not hate-based conversations, but gatherings of like-minded people who are trying to get their politicians to take their climate-related health problems seriously.  If you have asthma that is affected by pollution; if your profession is being negatively affected by climate; if you have narrowly avoided a heatstroke…please hold your politicians accountable.  Believe in science and the scientists who are trying to warn us of irreversible complications…  Attend The Greenville, South Carolina Climate Strike, September 20, 2019 at City Hall.  Attend the City Hall in Aiken, SC today and listen to Elizabeth Warren who, as a Democratic candidate for President, has accepted the science of climate change and the need for action.  Or Write your congressman, Senator…  Do something.  Emerge.


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